What’s better than the satisfying climax you experienced with Carnal Desire? MULTIPLE climaxes. That’s why the collected works of celebrated pornsmith Philip S. Wilson are being mounted again in A Return to Carnal Desire, Feb 11 at 8PM!

We here at the Frog were so blown away by this hilarious exploration of Skinemax-worthy romance television, we profiled it extensively in 2015. It was a rigorous performance, which meant the show had to wait about 15 minutes before it could come BACK FOR ROUND 2, ready to go at it with some new sexual partners and a live interview of author Mike Horowitz by guest moderator Ken Napzok. You know what they say: everyone gets better with practice! See how good these lipstick thespians have gotten when you come this Thursday night. Featuring Brice Beckham, Pam Cook, Matt Corboy, Riley Rose Critchlow, David Fickas, Devin Kelley, Carly Pope, Liam Kyle Sullivan and Kincaid Walker. February 11, 8PM at the Let Live Theatre, 916A N. Formosa Ave., 90046. The suggested donation is only $5 and, let’s face it, you’re pretty much guaranteed to score.

A Return to Carnal Desire

BONUS EVENT! When it’s all over, if you’ve got any stamina left, head down the street to the Formosa Café after the show to celebrate the 40th birthday of Carnal Desire cast member and Frog Founder Brice Beckham! It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on… assuming your clothes are still on by that point in this most sensuous of sensual evenings.

See you there!