It’s Monday. You’re regretting the weekend. You’re regretting your decision to come in to work today. You’re regretting joining the workforce in the first place and wishing you were one of those guys in a panda suit who gets paid to hug baby pandas. We get it. While we’re sure you’ve got a fun-filled October weekend coming up, why wait that long? Luckily for you, the shenanigans begin on Wednesday night this week with Ric and Michael’s Hump Day Variety Show!

Ric and Michael's Hump Day Variety Show

Long time Friends of the Frog, Ric Barbera and Michael Cornacchia host a gang of talented musicians and comedians at Molly Malone’s this Wednesday night at 10pm. Your $5 cover gets you in to see the show, featuring the likes of Amy Witry, Chris Bryant, Movses Shakarian, David Fickas, Pam Cook, Barbara Gray, Zach Noe Towers, Kristina Hayes, Mikey Scott, Luiggi Debiasse and more! But you probably read that right off the poster. What else is there? Listen, there’s comedy and music and fun and laughter and alcohol so maybe you need to ask yourself what else is there?

Ric and Michael’s Hump Day Variety Show

So, if you’re looking for an exuse to drink on a Wednesday night, we’ve got you covered. Check out the Facebook invite for all the pertinent deets and be sure to Follow the Frog for more fun things to do in LA!

See you there, Froggies!