Every once in a while, a trailer comes along from a documentary that makes you wish you owned a time machine to rewrite history. In this case, a time machine that is used to stop Chris Farley from leaving us.

Thanks to an exclusive from BuzzFeed, a new trailer for a documentary called I Am Chris Farley that celebrating the life of this amazing comedian has dropped.  And it makes us here at the Frog laugh and also tear up something awful. For the man was gone far too soon… Which is a shared and none too surprising statement given the legacy everyone remembers about Farley.

The usual suspects are here with interviews from Adam Sandler, David Spade, Lorne Michaels, Molly Shannon, Michael Myers…. you know, pretty much every single talented SNL alum that ever worked with Chris.

I Am Chris Farley is a mix of some of his more famous bits from SNL combined with home video footage of a young, up-and-coming Farley. Bob Saget even asks if everybody cries through this…. Answer, yes.

Chris Farley left this world in 1997 and ever since, most everyone has spoken of him the most beautiful of ways. He was always a larger than life talent who made us laugh. Behind that statement is the other side of the conversation: the demons that got the better of him.

And so, of course, the Frog simply had to shine a spotlight on this amazing trailer; more so, on this amazing talent. So make sure you set your calendar alerts for July 31st, 2015 when I Am Chris Farley will drop in selective theaters. If don’t happen to be near one of the locations showing the movie then you should prep August 11th, 2015 for its VOD/Digital/DVD release.

We still miss you, Chris Farley.