Here is a snippet from the (somewhat!) monthly mix tape show hosted by David Fickas at Room 5 in LA.  The show has featured many talented musician and comedians over the years including Kirk Zipfel, Evalyn, Lia Richardson, Danielle Woodrow, Kyle Gass, Molly Bryant, Parthenon Huxley and many more.  David has been capturing some of these performances and the Frog is excited to showcase them!  Featured here on this MIX TAPE – The Beamer Brothers and Will Todisco harmonize through their rendition of “This Boy.” Take a look (and listen) to the wonderful, monthly event known as I MADE YOU A MIX TAPE! Click the link and stay tuned to the next round… coming soon!

Oh, and do check out Adam and Evan’s new movie ARMED RESPONSE! Frog it up! 




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