Award season always creates a dialogue between movie fans and critics alike. Who was snubbed? Who deserves the award above everyone else? Who will win?  And no one is more excited about all the awards talk than the frogs here at I See the Frog!

To join in the conversation, head on over to Take Hollywood to view a fantastic interview with SAG Award Winner and Oscar Nominee Patricia Arquette!

Patricia’s work in Boyhood this year gave her some well deserved recognition. We have been fans of her work ever since A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors. We’re serious. Ever since then, from True Romance to Ed Wood to her Emmy Award winning role on Medium, and finally, Boyhood, Patricia’s talent is finally shining bright for all to see! Watching the interviews on, you can see the love and care and inspiration she puts in to each and every role!

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By heading over to (or clicking the picture above) you can see a few of her special interviews as a free promotion. While there, take a look around and sign up to receive exclusive material from the site including upcoming TH Originals: The Bulbar Method and Chestnut Casting, Drama 3/4 and TH’s original series starring Sasha Alexander, Pam Cook, David Fickas and Ric Barbera!

We will be crossing our fingers for Patricia to win the gold at this year’s Oscar ceremony. And a big thanks to Take Hollywood for sharing some of the best interviews from some of the best people working in the industry today! Give em’ a tweet and tell them so!

Enjoy froggies!




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