OK, so lots of people are talking about John Oliver and his HBO show Last Week Tonight these days. This show is proving to be the hardest hitting bit of reporting on the air these days. From tackling the issues of bail to big tobacco to flying to Russia to interview Edward Snowden.  That’s right, he flew to Moscow to interview Edward FREAKING Snowden.  CNN couldn’t even get an interview with Snowden.


Well, John hit another home run recently with his reporting on FIFA. If you haven’t been following the FIFA scandal (i.e. you are an American), it’s been an amazing story. To sum it up in a way that is palatable for Americans (and never once uses the word “soccer”):

FIFA is a world-wide confederation of people that oversee a sport most Americans don’t care about. It’s been corrupt for decades and everyone in the world knew about it, but no one could do anything. That’s when America had to step in. The FBI, using RICO rules, spent several years digging into it and eventually indicted over a dozen of FIFA’s top executives, charging them with everything from racketeering to bribery.  One of those executives was Trinidadian Jack Warner, a VP at FIFA. Warner, after getting out on bail, used some of his bribe money to buy airtime on Trinidadian television. During this pre-empting of prime time television, Warner stated that he had a ton of documents that would bring down everyone else in FIFA with him if he went down.

John Oliver decided to buy his own airtime in response.  Take a look:


While most people seem to be avidly watching John Oliver on Sunday night and obsessively talking about him on Monday morning, a lot of folks don’t know that there is more of him to be had.  Founded in 2007, The Bugle is hosted by Oliver and fellow British comedian Andy Zaltzman. John and Andy (after hosting the radio show Political Animal together) started the podcast when John moved to New York to serve as a correspondent on The Daily ShowNew episodes of The Bugle are released on Fridays with related material appearing on the official website. Focusing on global news stories (but primarily on UK/US news items), the show allowed John and Andy to continue a partnership that had previously enjoyed success with Political Animal. The podcast depends solely on donations to continue, so (if you try it out and like it) hop over to their donations page and drop a few bucks in their coffers.  Check out just one recent sample from their work:

Releases from The Bugle have been a bit more sporadic since Last Week Tonight With John Oliver started airing, but they’re still there and still turning out great work.  So if you need a fix between Sundays and don’t live in Trinidad, you might want to check them out, Froggies!