When you think of I See The Frog, it’s hard not to think of fine art.  From music becoming paintings to children’s dreams of Star Wars, we’re pretty much at the forefront of what is hip and cool in the art scene.

So when we point you to a fine artist you need to watch, you know you can trust us.  And right now, our webbed little finger is pointing at artist Kate Kelton.


Kate’s parents are Czech and she was born in Bamberg, Germany but spent most of her life in Canada.  She attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts and received a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Film at Ryerson University.  Her mom is an artist, her father is an architect, and her great-grandfather is one of the most prominent representatives of Czech Art Nouveau architecture, Josef Fanta. If you’ve been to Prague, chances are you’ve taken a photo of one of his buildings.  And with Kate, the apple clearly hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

Here you can hear about Kate Kelton in her own words:


Kate describes her own art as, “If art nouveau and abstract expressionism collided on the highway and you drew a chalk outline of their subsequent corpse? That would be the closest, most apt description yet…” And with one look at some of her galleries here or here, you can see why that is such an apt description.  Her style may vary from piece to piece but you can almost feel the towering spires of Prague stretching up behind each human form.  Take this piece for example, which is a part of her Familiars series:


Kate Kelton


Or this piece here, entitled Cityscape 2, which combines acrylic, ink and spray paint to create a piece we want on OUR walls:


Kate Kelton

CITYSCAPE 2 by Kate Kelton


Kate has exhibited her artwork at Toronto’s Hummingbird Centre for the National Ballet of Canada; Montreal’s Lawless Concept Gallery; Sacramento’s Brick House Gallery; Toronto’s Bodega House; for Los Angeles’ ArtwalkLA; for Gallery 1988’s Is This Thing On? 2, show on Melrose, their Suspense & Gallows Humor, A Tribute To Hitchcock, show in Venice, and their Crazy 4 Cult NYC pop-up show; and The Gabba Gallery’s Zodiac In Retrograde show in Los Angeles.

Kate’s most recent work can be seen in Art Fusion 2015, at the Gallery H of Phantom Galleries LA in Hawthorne.  The show opens this Friday July 17th.  All the details can be found on their Facebook Invite.  We highly suggest you check her new stuff out there.  And if Ms. Kelton’s work is any indication, we can only assume the other artists in the show will be fantastic.

So show up on Friday and sip some wine and eat some crackers and maybe walk out with one of Kate’s pieces, just make sure to pay for it first.  We know from experience how touchy artists can be when you just take things off the walls in galleries.  And if you can’t make it to Gallery H, you can purchase some of her originals here or prints of other works of hers here.

Until next time, Froggies, we’ll see you in the galleries!