Frequent visitors to the Frog might recognize some of the faces in this week’s Throw Back Thursday.  From WAAAY back in 2010 (we’re not sure there even WAS an internet back then) Frog founder David Fickas directed Liam Sullivan and Megahn Perry as the crime-fighting duo Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan in Keller & Sullivan: Shanghai Surprise.  Not the most politically correct video we’ve ever featured but, like Donald Trump says, who has time for political correctness these days? Unlike Trump, we’re at least TRYING to make a joke.  AND we’re specifically parodying the movies from a particular era for their own political INcorrectness.

The short also features Parvesh Cheena, David Fickas, Alex Monti Fox, Rachael Lawrence, Michele Specht, Kirk Zipfel and Josh Uranga as “The Body”.  Josh, in particular, puts on an amazing performance.

Check it out below.


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Until next time, Froggies!