Game of Thrones is coming back this weekend and The Frog is very thrilled to return to Westeros. Winter is almost here! (It’s kind of like Christmas but with more blood and less fighting.)

Even though you may have seen every episode and read every book, the world of Game of Thrones can still be a little complicated. Have no fear, Key & Peele are here! If you haven’t yet dug into GoT, we suggest you NOT watch this clip since it’s chock-full of spoilers. But for those of you who are avid fans, you will thoroughly enjoy every second of this sketch in which the guys recap some of the shocking deaths from the first 4 seasons!

Now that you’re primed and ready for the Season 5 premiere this Sunday, get further pumped for Episode 2 of The Night Is Dark, a weekly Game of Thrones podcast with Maude Garrett, Tiffany Smith and Ken Napzok. Every week this remarkable trio will delve deep into all things Game of Thrones. Very exciting stuff!

Stay tuned!



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