Friend of the Frog Lauren Marie recently dropped this stunning new music video for her song “Killing Me,” remixed by Kawaguchi and directed by Aaron Grasso. (Lightly NSFW.)

Lauren Marie + Killing Me (Kawaguchi Remix) + Official Video

Lauren Marie has performed all over Los Angeles, and has previously contributed to I Made You A Mix Tape as well as Matthew Scott Montgomery’s annual Halloween show, Spook Night. She is an actor / singer / songwriter who cut her musical teeth in Nashville & Austin before landing in LA. If you’re a fan of Lauren Marie’s stuff – and I think it’s safe to say you are – head on over to iTunes and check our more of her music. And be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram for a peek into her expressive work including some sweet behind the scenes content from the set of  “Killing Me.”

Also check out more from Lauren Marie’s collaborators: Ike Kawaguchi on Soundcloud and Instagram, and director Aaron Grasso on Instagram and his website.

Stay creative, Froggies!