Snow-Queen-larger.pngIt’s a well-known fact that the Troubadour Theater Company is awesome. It’s perhaps a lesser-known fact that we are in love with them. If you don’t know the Troubies, then you haven’t been paying attention to the LA theatre scene for the last few decades. This raucous troupe expertly blends either holiday classics or classic works by the likes of Shakespeare with the music of modern pop artists. Past mashups have included As U2 Like It, A Midsummer Saturday Night’s Fever Dream, Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReinDoorsJackson Frost and Fleetwood Macbeth, and the list goes on and on and on.

Well, sorry for the late notice… this weekend is your last chance to check out their holiday extravaganza The Snow Queen, featuring music by (who else?) Queen. It’s a hell of a show and probably sold out, but we wanted to make sure you all knew what you were missing. Some of your favorite Troubies, such as Beth Kennedy, Lisa Valenzuela and Rick Batalla — under the leadership of Troubie kingpin Matt Walker — are fearlessly flying the timeless tale of the Snow Queen (aka Frozen) through a Freddie Mercury music hailstorm. Definitely one of their best shows… which is said about all of their shows, consistently. It’s like the opposite of the Die Hard franchise.

For more Troubie history, check out their sizzle reel below (edited by Drama 3/4) and be sure to Like them on Facebook for news on future shows. Then try to squeeze into their closing weekend! You won’t disappoint yourself!

EXTRA DOSE OF BETH KENNEDY! BK appears alongside Matt Corboy and Kirk Zipfel in this episode of “Houseplace!” SUBSCRIBE to I See The Frog on YouTube!




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