For the past few years, the Frog’s own David Fickas has been hosting I MADE YOU A MIX TAPE at Room 5 in Los Angeles. The live music show features local musicians and musical comedians doing what they do best, namely, musicking and comedying. But this Sunday’s show is going to be a little bit (or a lot bit) abnormal…

Lia Made You A Mix TapeThat’s ’cause Mix Tape is being HIJACKED by longtime regular Lia Richardson of Lia and the Daymakers! That’s right, Lia has wrestled control of the evening and the lineup from David’s fiery, guitar-shredding hands. She took back the power by using disgustingly manipulative phrases like “Would it be cool if did a show for my birthday?” Helpless against her ruthless tactics, David buckled under the pressure and allowed Lia to make her very own mix. Hence, the extra-special one-time only (until the next time) title, LIA MADE YOU A MIX TAPE!

The night will consist of performances by the birthday girl and her cohorts, including John Bobek, Missy Modell, Melody Michalski and Jon Raymond Fisher. Your birthday gift to Lia is a $5 cover charge… which Lia will immediately REGIFT to Children Mending Hearts, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving children worldwide the power to find and use their voices through creative expression. Hey, that’s a good cause! At THIS birthday party, you can honestly say you’re partying hearty! Not that you would; it’s an awful, sappy pun. But you could, if you wanted to!

Here’s one of Lia’s recent Mix Tape performances to lure you back to Room 5:

So come out this Sunday, donate, drink some wine and get in the mix to celebrate the birthday of Lia Richardson! Feliz cumpleaños, Lia!