Okay, so you’ve made your plans to fly to San Francisco on a private jet borrowed from your friend’s billion-dollar tech startup to attend the 2016 SF Sketchfest. And you found a charming little houseboat on Airbnb where you can crash for the night. And you’ve got your tickets to Cue To Cue at PianoFight Showcase on Saturday, January 16th. Now you’re thinking, “If only I could leave that show early to see the Starr of some of my favorite cult comedies appearing live with a band he apparently has, and also the star of the show I was just at could also be there to be his opening act, and also happiness.” Don’t worry, we gotcha covered.

Wait, what? That was a lot of stuff. Let’s back up.

Mere minutes after wrapping up their second and final performance of Cue To Cue, Liam Kyle Sullivan and some of his fellow cast members will be high-tailing it down the street to the Swedish American Music Hall where Liam is opening for Martin Starr and Common Rotation.

Now, if you don’t know about Liam, he’s the guy who won a People’s Choice Award in 2008 for that “Shoes” video (you know the one. “Oh my God, shoes”). Not to mention he was on the Drama 3/4 VH1 series I Hate My 30’s. Plus he’s been featured on this website in about a billion other ways as well. He’s a longtime favorite of the Frog and has appeared in pretty much every Cue To Cue in San Francisco, LA or anywhere they do them, which so far is those two places.

If you don’t know about Martin Starr, he’s currently on the hit HBO series Silicon Valley, and was formerly on the beloved Starz series Party Down, and was previously in movies and TV shows like Knocked Up, Adventureland and Freaks and Geeks. And he has this band, and they’re performing. And also Adam Busch is involved, and he’s kind of a big deal in his own right.

The catch is that all this is Martin Starriness is starting at 10PM, and the aforementioned Cue To Cue show is at 9. So if you have tickets to both, you’ll have to walk out on the other three acts performing at PianoFight Showcase, which they might think is kinda rude, but who cares, it’s your life. Or, leave the last-minute scrambling across town to Liam and crew, you take your $25 ticket and arrive at the Swedish American Music Hall (2174 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114) to see Martin Starr whenever you like, with plenty of time to spare. Just be sure to have already caught Cue To Cue at the 7PM show on Thursday night! Then there’s no conflict at all! Lucky you.

Glad we could sort that out for you! Enjoy sleeping on a houseboat!