Hey Froggies!

Looking for a cure for that weekly case of the Mondays? Head on over to Good Times at Davey Wayne’s for a FREE show by South Pasadena’s Rock/Blues hybrid, The Blessings – this Monday at 9:30pm! And here’s the link to the Facebook invite, if that’s your thing.  And in case you haven’t been to Davey Wayne’s, it’s a delight in and of itself with a secret entrance, a sweet retro 70’s vibe, and $6 alcoholic snow-cones.


The Blessings go on at 10, followed by the Solar Sons at 11:30, who describe themselves as “Jazzedelic Space Blues.“ And did we mention that both shows are free? That means more cash in your pocket to spend on snow-cones and an Uber ride home. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s opens at 5pm so you can go straight from work, enjoy happy hour (5pm-8pm!) and relax in someone’s awesome 70’s basement until the show starts.

If you haven’t heard of the Blessings, here’s a taste of their classic rock with a bluesy twist:

See you there!




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