Regular readers of The Frog may recognize the title above from a previous post HERE where we helped break some news about the Duplass Brothers’ new film, Manson Family Vacation (produced by Jay and Mark Duplass and directed by J. Davis).  At the time, we were excited to hear it was coming to Netflix and other streaming services so that we wouldn’t have to go to one of those icky theaters to see it if we didn’t want to.  (Those places are breeding grounds for all sorts of diseases, like cooties and head lice.)

Well, yesterday we had even more reason to celebrate and get excited about Manson Family Vacation when the latest trailer dropped ahead of its October 2 release.  Check it out here:


The film stars Jay Duplass, Linus Phillips and certified Friend of the Frog, Leonora Pitts.  Leonora is one of the stars of The Bulbar Method and her short Step 9 was featured in the recent Frog-sponsored Offline Movie Night. (And is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit.) So we’re quite fond of her many talents and it seems the Duplasses (Dupli? Duo Duplass?) agree with us.

Here’s a short synopsis 0f Manson Family Vacation by the filmmakers:

Nick Morgan (Jay Duplass) has it all: a loving family, a beautiful home and a successful law practice in Los Angeles. His estranged brother Conrad (Linas Phillips) has nothing but a backpack. When Conrad shows up for a surprise visit, all he wants to do in town is go to the infamous Manson Family murder sites. Reluctantly, Nick joins him and ends up on a road trip that leads the brothers into the modern-day world of Charles Manson.

Family drama, Leonora Pitts and Charles Manson.  What more could you possibly ask for in a movie?

Check it out on October 2, Froggies.  Until then, stay cool.