How many frogs out there have a subscription to Netflix? No? Well, get one. Steal one if you have to.  For one of the standout movies from this year’s SXSW Festival, MANSON FAMILY VACATION, wants to stream in your face. Thanks to a story from Tubefilter, we’ll be counting down the days till we get our eyes on the  Mark and Jay Duplass comedy film.

So many friends of the frogs come in connection with this news. Leonora Pitts, featured many times here, co-stars in the film as Amanda, opposite Jay Duplass. Things must have gone well on the set of Togetherness, the Duplass Brother’s show on HBO that had Leonora drop in as a guest star.

Here’s some more info on the movie:

Directed and written by J. Davis, Manson Family Vacation stars Jay Duplass and Linas Phillips as two brothers on a road trip to see the house where the Manson Family murders occurred. The Duplass brothers produced the film, which premiered at SXSW the evening of March 16, 2015. 

So congratulations from the Frog! We can’t wait to see the movie now that it will be available to the masses. And please, hop around and check out Leonora’s other projects such as her stint on the newly launched The Bulbar Method, from Drama 3/4 Productions and Takehollywood

So stay tuned right here and we’ll update you as to when you can see Manson Family Vacation! Streaming date still TBD!

Enjoy, froggies.




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