Let us guess. You messed up and missed out on the first Melodion show back in January and now your friends just won’t shut UP about how great it was and how you’re a homebody loser who “used to be fun.” Are we right? Of course we are. So here’s your chance. Don’t be that friend again. Be the cool friend. The fun friend. The one who’s all like, “Sorry, Mr. Depp, I can’t go to your exclusive A-list party. I have tickets to Melodion.” He’ll understand. Maybe he’ll be there too.*

*Probably not.

So then. What is Melodion? Well. Melodion is a musical comedy show for people who HATE musical comedy. We certainly do. You probably do too. And this is why Melodion is awesome. In a genre that’s pretty much known for being mediocre (at best), Melodion brings the emphasis back to great music and great comedy.

Thursday’s show will be hosted by the unstoppable Kirk Zipfel, who you may remember from such delights as Little Ronnie Hubbard and Dennis Quaid’s on-set freak out, and will feature the talents of Drennon Davis (Conan, Imaginary Radio Show), Zach Selwyn (ESPN), Bill Chott (Wizards of Waverly Place),  Barry Rothbart (Conan, Downward Dog, Variety‘s 10 Comics to Watch in 2013), and our very own Brice BeckhamDavid Fickas (I Hate My 30’s, I Made You A Mix Tape).

We know, we know, you’re like, “Enough already! You had us at ‘the genre is mediocre!’ Give us the details!”

Thursday, February 25th, 8pm (doors open at 7:45).

Westside Comedy Theater
1323-A 3rd St Promenade (A stands for Alley)
Santa Monica, CA 90401.

$10. Get your tickets HERE!

Park in Santa Monica structure 3 at Arizona & 4th. The theater is at the bottom of that structure.

Don’t bring your children. For other reasons too, but also the show is 21+.

Don’t forget to invite your friends on Facebook so they’ll see how cool and in the know you are.

So that’s it, then. Sack up, get your ass over to the Westside on Thursday night, and bask in an evening of top notch musical comedy from actual musicians and comedians who are actually super freaking talented.

See you there, Froggies!