Oh so you didn’t know Missi Pyle had a music career? Listen. This is why we are here. We exist to look for the overlooked so that you don’t have to. Our sole purpose is to provide a convenient one-stop-shop for all things awesome and a bit off the beaten track. Just glance at our twitter feed or check up on our homepage and suddenly you’re the lady with all the coolest news, the dude who shared it first, the couple other couples come to for what’s NOT on everyone else’s news feed. It’s a service we provide, happily and for free. You’re welcome.

Back to Missi Pyle.

Not only is this woman one of our favorite funny ladies – with iconic performances in films such as Galaxy Quest, The Artist and Bringing Down the House – she’s also a splendid musician who isn’t afraid to sing about the stuff that really matters. In her latest album, “Poo Poo Platter, Vol. 1,” Pyle unleashed 5 bound-to-be-classics such as “Dang I Love Jesus,” “Between Lust and Watching TV,” and, simply, “Dogs.” (The full album is available on iTunes for the price of a large pumpkin spice latte.)

Missi Pyle recently debuted her music video for “I Wanna Fuck You Up,” the first track off of “Poo Poo Platter, Vol. 1.” If you’re a woman who can think of a man you’d like to kick squarely in the junk, or if you’re a man who can think of a man you’d like to kick squarely in the junk, well, this is the song for you.

“I Wanna Fuck You Up” by Missi Pyle & Jenna Lee:

“I Wanna Fuck You Up” was written and performed by Missi Pyle and Jenna Lee, and produced by Chris Goss, with performances by Jaime Pressley, Chris Goss, Dave Catching, Tyler Hilton, Christina Moore, Andrea Parker, Brooke Dillman and Nora Kirkpatrick. Directed by Paul Leyden, stunts by Tara Macken, cinematographer David Gil produced by Anne Clements and Chris Panizzon.

If you like what you hear, check out Missi Pyle’s other musical endeavors such as Smith & Pyle, and subscribe to Missi’s YouTube channel for more deliciously delightful content. Also, keep an eye on the Frog for future performances of I Made You A Mixtape – you never know who might show up!

Happy Music Video Monday, Froggies!