What are you doing for Leap Year? No plans? Well then, let us change that! David Fickas’ show I MADE YOU A MIX TAPE is making its Hotel Cafe debut and it’s gonna be a big one! Starting at 9pm, an all-star Mix Tape roster will take over the Hotel Cafe stage, and the music world will never be the same. Okay, we don’t want to over-hype, but holy shit… look at this lineup!!!

Starting off, we have some classic Mix Tape veterans, like The Beamer Brothers & Will Todisco, who have killed it at every Mix Tape they have been a part of, and Olivia K. Harris, fresh off her stint in For The Record’s “The Brat Pack.” And it wouldn’t be a Hotel Cafe Mix Tape without the incredible freestyling hip-hop/country jams of Zach Selwyn. It’s been a minute since Evalyn made her first LA appearance at Mix Tape; she is back as well. And the list goes on and on… we are talking about Nick Pierone, Campfire Cassettes, John Bobek, Willow Stephens, and the comedic mastermind of Kirk Zipfel who is destined to destroy faux-religious institutions and/or Jack Johnson, whichever one falls first. (Be honest, you’re secretly hoping it’s Jack Johnson.)

You want more? Fine, sure, you greedy music hoarders!!! Joe Gillette is getting back in the mix, and vocal powerhouse Valen, whose music you might recognize from The Vampire Diaries, Finding Carter, Blood & Oil, The Originals (the list goes on) will be making her Mix Tape premiere. Not to mention David Fickas’ musical and comedic partners in crime Brice Beckham and Scott Pitts will surely rock at least half of one pair of socks off. Hopefully yours.
Mix Tape Hotel Cafe Poster
And the show is not done brewing, so stay tuned for updates. RSVP on Facebook to I MADE YOU A MIXTAPE at HOTEL CAFE to keep up-to-date on new performers, ticket info and more. There’s a solid chance some secret sensations may still get in the mix!