The following Mix Tape review is brought to you by Frog Intern Lindsay Weglarz with a few SIDE NOTES by Frog founder David Fickas where Lindsay needs a little help. She’s young, so the Beach Boys and Joni Mitchell are a little out of her demographic.
Mix Tape review by Lindsay Weglarz
The last Mix Tape of 2015 came and went, but it can live in our memories forever since I have taken it upon myself to write a review! You’re welcome. I saw the show from all perspectives; Audience Member, Performer, and most importantly Door Girl. This was my first time being a Door Girl, and it probably won’t be my last. It was nice meeting all the performers right as they ascended the staircase leading to the swanky Room 5.
This Mix Tape show began with the sweet and pure sounds of Willow Stephens. She played some original music and a Christmas medley. I kept picturing myself listening to her music outside, during a light rainstorm in FL, sitting on a home-made tie dye blanket. Since none of these scenery dreams were an option, Room 5 certainly sufficed. I will definitely be looking up more of her music. I might even practice some ballet to her tunes as well!
Willow’s set made me hungry for harmonies, so thankfully Adam Beamer and Will Todisco delivered. They were down a bro,  but didn’t let that get in their way.
Sarah Zanotti took the stage, and sang a new original song she wrote for her boyfriend. She also sang the first song she wrote while she lived in Nashville, because she is moving back soon. It was a a great song, but reminded me that my sister lives in Nashville and is coming to visit soon, so I really need to clean my room. I wish I loved cleaning, but I don’t think I ever will. Some people just naturally enjoy it, and I’m pretty jealous of them. Especially the people who love to clean and naturally have a high metabolism. I wonder if Sarah loves cleaning?
John Bobek brought high energy, and sang a Christmas song I had never heard of. I really liked it though. He was also super into the music he was singing in the best way possible. Nothing is better than watching someone have a blast doing what they love. His passion was definitely amping us all up for the Holiday Season.
SIDE NOTE: The name of the song was Joni Mitchell’s “River” also played later in the show by Leonora accompanied by Adam Beamer.
OK, next up was a lot of mixing up of Mix Tape performers. Adam Beamer, Brice Beckham, Will Todisco, Leonora and Scott Pitts sang a harmonious melody that didn’t have any words, but was super cool. It was like classical music acapella…which is awesome!
SIDE NOTE:They performed The Beach Boys “Our Prayer”.  
Then, the unthinkable happened…an 11 week old baby strapped to her dad posted up right next to me while I was still working the door. I now know babies are the most distracting distraction solely due to adorableness. The little baby girl wearing socks with actual SHOE LACES was jamming out with her dad, and refused to sleep because of all the incredible performances. You know it’s a great show if a tiny baby powers through her sleep routine so she can hear more music. If she could talk, or even form thoughts, I bet she would say she had a fun night.
Missi Pyle & Brooke Dillman came in wigs-a-blazin’ as their overly conservative and Christian alter egos The Tumbleweeds. They sang original songs about the upcoming election, namely Hillary Clinton, and baby Jesus. They even parodied Carol of Bells, and I think I like it better than the original. It was the sweetest Christmas treat to see this duo, and I hope I get to see them again at a Mix Tape show.
Scott and Leonora Pitts performed a duet! Also, Leonora sang a Christmas song that had everyone completely still and silent, but then when she finished the room was loud with applause.
John Bobek took the Winter Kills challenge this month, and he crushed it with his version of “Soul Mirror”. Fickas and Pitts also covered the Winter Kills tune “C Sharply” that has been replaying in my head ever since I started writing this review.
The orange jar raising money for Josh Schwartz was passed around, and I was happy to see it filling up. And a few toys were brought for charity.
SIDENOTE: Another chunk of cash went to the Josh Schwartz goal of helping Josh get a wheelchair accessible van.  And you can donate too!
And the toys were donated to the Friend of El Faro.  Please check out this great organization!

David, Brice and Pitts sang their funny and audience interactive song “Christmas Time”.  I was trying so hard to nail the girl part, but it was SO tough to focus with that baby still distracting me. Seriously, she was a relentlessly cute baby!  Also, Brice sang as  (what V.O. actor?), which was the perfect juxtaposition to David’s positive and innocent demeanor.

SIDENOTE:  Brice and David performed a version of “Santa Claus is coming to town”.  Brice did his best Peter Lore and Vincent Price in a tribute to the Drama 3/4 classic holiday short “The Haunted Hop Guy”.
Kirk Zipfel graced us all again by giving us a glimpse into his whimsical brain. He sang a song about having the Jack Johnson blues in the style of Jack Johnson. Fine, you caught me…I definitely Youtubed that song later, and watched a video of him performing that song. I just wanted to make sure I got to hear all the jokes, since I was laughing too hard to hear half of them.
Then in true mix tape and holiday season fashion, some girl named Melanie, (which rhymes with felony) did an impromptu performance in honor of the first night of Hanukkah. She was backed by Juniper Station, and the audience loved the sing-a-long version of “This Little Light of Mine”. Also, the super cute baby next to me finally left by this point of the show, so my focus was back to being 20/20.  Juniper Station remained on the stage, and sang some of their songs, as well as an original Christmas song written by Samantha Lane. I think it could be on the radio someday for sure!
I think it was my favorite mix tape to date, and thank you for voting me ‘Nice’ and not ‘Naughty’. See you in 2016!
Love always,
Lindsay Weglarz
SIDENOTE: Lindsay also took the stage to read off her 2015 Naughty or Nice list, accompanied by me, which absolutely killed.  Definitely stay tuned to The Frog for that upcoming post!
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