Drama 3/4 Productions and Maker.TV have just released their newest episode of Crash Pad – packed to the gills with fails, fun and awesome games! Stopping by the Quad this time is YouTube sensation Jesse Wellens! With over 7 million subscribers to his Prank vs. Prank channel on YT, Jesse brings his unique humor to the show with mainstays Bart Baker, Amy Pham and Lee Rubenstein!

The folks at Maker describe the show here:

In this episode of CrashPad, Bart Baker and Jesse Wellens of Prank vs. Prank bond over epic fails and Bart’s icy nip-nips!

Bart, Jesse and the gang waste no time getting to the epic fails and play some great games such as Sonic Boom, Tell Me Where It Hurts and Caption America!

Don’t miss out on all the fun! Give the video a look, then hop on over to Maker.TV to catch all the full episodes of Crash Pad! Enjoy, froggies!




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