Award season is upon us!  Aren’t you excited to watch ‘A’ list celebrities get drunk and pass out trophies to each other?  We are.

Speaking of ‘A’ List celebrities, we noticed Take Hollywood’s got a fantastic new interview with Golden Globe Nominee Michelle Monaghan! Her work in True Detective this year finally gave her the recognition she deserves! Long overdue in our opinion. The frogs have been fans of Michelle’s work since she crashed onto the scene in the glorious Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  (Side note: Val, we need more comedy from you.  Top Secret and Real Genius should get retrospective Golden Globes.)

If you wanna learn more about Michelle and how her career path led her from this sexy Santa get up to this year’s Golden Globe nominee you can go to (or click the picture above) for an intimate interview. And while you are there, take a look around and sign up to receive exclusive material from the site including some TH Originals starring Sasha Alexander, Pam Cook, Michael Cornacchia and David Fickas! It’s a great opportunity to set up your login so you’re ready for Drama 3/4 and TH’s upcoming The Bulbar Method and Chestnut Casting!

And make sure you root for Michelle to take home the gold this weekend at the Globes!

Enjoy froggies!




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