If you didn’t make it out to Offline Movie Night this past Saturday, YOU MESSED UP. Luckily for you, we have compiled online versions of most of the night’s spectacular shorts but you’ll have to watch them alone on your stupid smart phone instead of on the big screen in a theatre full of real living human beings to laugh and drink with.

For those who were there for all the fun, here’s a handy list of all the great shorts you saw! (Plus the two bonus videos that didn’t make the final audience vote.) Also, yay you! You’re really doing well. Making great life choices, following your dreams. And you look amazing.


Part 1 of Offline Movie Night began with comedy shorts from The Bulbar Method, Gentlemen Lobsters, Jason C. Brown and BFT Comedy:

Bulbar Method – Scene Work A:

The Avengers

Bulbar Method – Scene Work:

50 Shades

Gentlemen Lobsters:

Imaginary Friends:

BFT Comedy – The Truth About Santa:

Part 2 featured audition-themed works such as David and Pam’s Audition Tape, some fine characters from Liam Kyle Sullivan, Chestnut Casting: The Audition Process, and a class on being prepared for success from The Bulbar Method.

David and Pam’s Audition Tape:

Chestnut Casting – The Audition Process:

The Audition Process

Bulbar Method – Having A Day Job:

Having A Day Job

Part 3 contained the musical portion of the evening, featuring Danielle Woodrow‘s music video “Locked,” a Scientology-inspired original by Kirk Zipfel called “Little Ronnie Hubbard” (coming soon to a computer near you…), a Key & Peele exclusive courtesy of our friends over at JASH, the French Warlocks‘ new music video “The Captain of Butterfly Hollow,” and BFT Comedy‘s Danger Club.

Danielle Woodrow – Locked:

Key & Peele – Absorption!:

French Warlocks – The Captain of Butterfly Hollow:

BFT Comedy – Danger Club!:

Leonora Pitts‘ short film Step 9 premiered in all its glory (which, if you missed it, you’re going to have to wait for until it finishes the festival circuit, so you really messed up there.)

Offline Movie Night

Crew members from Leonora Pitts’ Step 9 at Offline Movie Night

And the night closed out with an episode of DINKs (Dual Income No Kids), Chestnut Casting: Hustling, and Liam K. Sullivan‘s Dirty Scrabble.

DINKs – Oops!:

Chestnut Casting – Hustling:


Liam K. Sullivan – Dirty Scrabble:

At the end of the evening the audience was given a choice of three videos to screen for the grand finale. Though HousePlace: Sex Dungeon and Keller & Sullivan were more-than-worthy contenders, the overwhelming majority went to Buttfucker:

And here are the runners-up in all their glory:

HousePlace – Sex Dungeon:

Keller & Sullivan:

For those of you who joined us for Offline Movie Night, a hearty thank you is in order! And for those who didn’t… well… learned your lesson? There will be a next time, Froggies. Don’t fuck up again.