We work online, we play online. We socialize, shop, vent, date, learn and create online. We’re writing this online and you’re reading this online. We live online! Some things, however, are just too good to be confined to a computer screen or smartphone. Some things require that you shut the laptop, put down the tablet and experience them in real life. (Not this article, though. It’s not that good, so keep reading.)

This Saturday, August 29th, we at The Frog would like to extend a personal invitation to join us at Offline Movie Night, an evening of internet video in real life! Bring your friends to the ACME Comedy Theatre at 8pm for a rousing collection of video shorts as they deserve to be seen: on the big screen.

Offline Movie Night features a bevy of delightful shorts including the world premiere of Step 9, a short film written and directed by Leonora Pitts starring Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Artemis Pebdani. Also on the lineup are Matt Mider‘s Gentlemen Lobsters, Jason C. Brown’s Imaginary Friends, premieres of new music videos from Kirk Zipfel and Danielle Woodrow, comedy shorts from Mary-Kate and Ashtray, Drama 3/4 Productions, Liam Kyle Sullivan, Franco & Billy and so much more!

offline movie night

So, do yourselves a favor and take a night off from ‘click here to see what happens,’ ‘subscribe for more info’ and ‘swipe left to date this person.’ Experience these cutting edge indie shorts in a real live theater with a real live audience on a wicked big screen that doesn’t also notify you when someone likes your latest Instagram. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased on the ACME website or at the door. The ACME is conveniently located next to Amalfi restaurant and bar for pre/post show libations. Join the Facebook invite and Follow the Frog for updates and reminders!

Can’t wait to see you IRL, Froggies!