by David Fickas

Scott Weiland is gone.  Damn.  If you are around my age, then Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots (STP) had many tracks on the soundtrack of your life.  When Stone Temple Pilots first came on the scene in 1992, everyone accused Weiland of being an Eddie Vedder wannabe. In retrospect, that is very unfair when you look beyond the obvious record company marketing tactics that launched STP.  They were such a great band.  I was fortunate to see them live once at The Greek Theatre in 1994. I sat behind Brad Pitt and his full on Legends of the Fall beard.  The band put on a remarkable show and Weiland, running around with his megaphone, was a true rock star God.  But… as everyone knows, he had his demons.  It’s hard to celebrate Weiland without being depressed by the facts of his  struggles.  A few months ago, friends of mine were sharing a video of him on his latest tour just butchering the STP classic “Vasoline”.  He looked like he needed help and when word of his death made it’s way through the internet pipelines, I wasn’t shocked at all…. sadly.  And after reading the piece written by his ex-wife, neither was his estranged family.  His poor kids.

Last Sunday, Brice and I paid a little tribute to Weiland at I Made You a Mix Tape.  We rocked out “Plush” and the crowd sang along.  It reminded me of the many nights with my friends gathering to sing “Plush” or Pearl Jam’s “Black” or the many other 90’s tunes that could echo through the end of a house party.  Those were some great parties and we couldn’t have done it without the proper soundtrack.

And although STP, and Velvet Revolver, are the main memories that everyone has been sharing, I wanted to take the time to point out an incredibly underrated Weiland accomplishment which was his 1998 solo album “12 Bar Blues.”  It’s a fantastic album and deserves some solid attention especially in the wake of this tragic news.  The tune “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down” also appeared on The Great Expectations album which is way better than the movie itself.  (It also includes “Sunshower” by Chris Cornell, another excellent solo effort that led to Cornell’s first solo album “Euphoria Morning”, another amazing record.)

So, with the internet all a flutter with Prince’s cover of Radiohead’s “Creep”, I thought maybe everyone should take a second to listen to STP’s “Creep” as well as these two dug up gems from Weiland’s solo effort.   An MTV performance of “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down” and this incredible version of Weiland and Cyndi Lauper rocking out to my favorite Weiland song “Barbarella”.  I had never seen this performance before I sat down to write this.  It is a fine demonstration of Weiland’s incredible rock star persona.




Thank you for the music, Scott.