Saban Entertainment forced the removal of the embeded video from Vimeo and YouTube. If you head on over to Adi Shankar’s Facebook page you might be able to catch it!

This is not your mother’s POWER RANGERS. In fact, it doesn’t even come close to hitting the cheesy goodness of the Might Morphin Power Rangers kids show we all grew up watching/loving/emulating. Not now… Not here. And that’s why the Frog is smiling from earhole to earhole.

See? Smiling.

See? Smiling. Also, why was I not asked to return?

This short is dark, gritty, R rated and just plain ole’ awesome in this humble Frog’s opinion. On that note as well, we suppose this short can be classified as NSFW (can you believe a Power Ranger’s short is NSFW?) so be wary when watching in front of children. Or bosses. Or people who are boring.

Producer Adi Shankar released Power/Rangers, a “bootleg short film” that is directed by Joseph Kahn (Torque) and stars James Van Der Beek and mega friend of the frog Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica).

Ms. Sackhoff has many ties to the Frog. Along with joining Mark Reilly on the Schmoes Know Movie Show from time to time, she was also a part of MTV’s original series Undressed; for which other Frog stalwart David Fickas directed a number of episodes.

Now, Katee and the crew from Power/Rangers the short are kicking all sorts of ass all over the internet. This twist on the Power Rangers is a welcome addition to the legend we all remember go-going… (as in: go, go Power Rangers!)

We just hope the higher ups in Hollywood hire the whole team for the eventual movie that is gearing up for production. It’s not too late to swap out the old filmmakers, is it?

Enjoy the short, froggies!




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