If you’re a Prince fan, like many of us here at Frog Central are, you’re constantly frustrated by Prince’s lack of acceptance of the digital world.  He has sued Youtube in the past, he’s deleted and reopened most of his social media accounts, and he’s been very aggressive about suing people around the web when his stuff has been used or put up without his permission.  He’s even removed himself from every digital streaming service with the exception of Jay Z’s Tidal. So, suffice to say, finding legitimate and endorsed Prince material online is really tough.

So imagine our surprise when a few hours ago, he tweeted from the official Prince account to a link of a video of the performance below, Prince singing Radiohead’s “Creep”. The video was filmed at Coachella on April 26, 2008. Shortly after the performance, amateur videos of the performance were posted and every one quickly received a cease & desist letter from Prince’s “people”. Their aggressive pursuit of this particular video only increased the legendary stories around it. Well, now you can see it in all its glory.

And according to Miles Hartl, the guitar player and self-professed “Prince super fan” who uploaded the video, we have Radiohead front man Thom Yorke to thank for it. Apparently, when Hartl informed Yorke that Prince had been blocking the release of this song for 7 years, Yorke responded with, “Well, tell him to unblock it.  It’s our…song.” Pretty awesome, Mr. Yorke, and thanks to YOU, Mr. Hartl, for taking the steps to bring this to us.

So now, without further ado, we offer you, for what might be a limited time:


The quality might not be the best ever, but it still gives us shivers. In a good way, not is a “might need a sweater” way. Pay close attention to his guitar solos which the folks over on Slate call “better than most artists’ entire sets.” And we have to agree.

See you next Monday, Froggies!