One of the best podcasts that you probably aren’t listening to but definitely should be listening to is a special one, dear Froggies. Known as ‘Profiles with Malone and Mantz’, this weekly LIVE video podcast comes to you courtesy of The Popcorn Talk Network and hosts Alicia Malone and Scott ‘Movie’ Mantz.

Alicia Malone and Scott Mantz aren’t your typical hosts. They aren’t even your typical movie lovers. The two are, perhaps, the biggest movie loving fans this side of the internet. With equal parts passion and film knowledge, each and every episode of ‘Profiles’ gives you more than enough to chew on, analyze and enjoy each and every week.

From their official Facebook Fan Page:

Hosted by Alicia Malone (Schmoes Know Movie Show, AMC Movie Talk, Fandango, Hollywood Today Live & more) and Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood, The TODAY Show, Just Seen It) Profiles with Malone and Mantz is the ultimate show for movie buffs. Each week we take an in-depth look at a prominent filmmaker, game-changing actor or important movie, and dissect it. The show features surprise guest interviews, fun segments, and most importantly… YOUR input!

Just as the name implies, each show will ‘profile’ a famous actor or filmmaker even delving into other areas of film if the mood strikes; for instance their amazing profile on Maestro John Williams. Favorites include Steven Spielberg, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Francis Ford Coppola, Tom Hanks, John Hughes, Samuel L Jackson, Robert DeNiro and their latest, Robert Redford.


And for the #FilmGeek (a hashtag made popular by their social media followers or ‘Profilers’) each episode usually has a very special guest either call in or featured via a pre-taped segment. And we mean very special. Past guests have included Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Douglas, Penny Marshall and Robert Redford. (Answer: yes, this Podcast does feature A-list celebrities).

And just in time for this posting, Malone and Mantz celebrated Robert Redford’s birthday on Tuesday by ‘Profiling’ the iconic actor in the following video presented below. This should give you a very good taste of the show and get you ready for more.

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So in celebration of Robert Redford, enjoy their ‘Profile’ on the icon. Then share it with your friends. And then go ahead, tweet Malone and Mantz… tell them the Frog sent you.