In the latest episode of The Bulbar Method, Billy Bulbar reflects back on the life and talents of his most cherished student, the incomparable Chip. Perhaps it’s fitting that Chip worked at a pet store in his day-to-day life, because it was clearly his true calling to be teacher’s pet for the master acting coach. We will remember him fondly, and we’re glad to see that his legacy still lives on today in Bulbar’s workshops. Here are some kind words from the mentor himself:

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Aside from bringing us a cameo performance by series co-creator Brice Beckham, this installment also provides — for keen observers of human behavior — a subtle bit of insight into Bulbar’s personal life. So we invite you now to visit and pay your respects to Chip, the late, great protégé, in this week’s episode (aptly titled) “The Bulbar Method – Part VI – The Protégé.” And, of course, continue preparing yourself for the insanity of Chestnut Casting when it premieres in 4 weeks!

Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels bring thee their tuition checks.




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