We don’t know about you, but we here at Frog Central are all very excited about the next Republican Primary Debate coming up.  There’s a pool we’ve got going here and the odds on favorite for best moment of the night seems to be “Chris Christie shouts ‘Hulkamania is running wild!’ while he rips off his shirt and tackles Ben Carson” (coming in at 2:1 odds). Although our Special Trump Correspondent Garland J. Tutwillow has put his money on “Jake Tapper bows down and proclaims Donald Trump ‘Emperor For Life'”, which we’ve put at 47:1.  Whatever you think is going to happen, it is sure to be an entertaining evening.  NOT, however, as entertaining as the below video which re-edits the previous Republican Primary Debate into exactly what it SHOULD have been.  Take a look…


The video above was created by the Auralnauts.  They describe themselves thusly:

We believe that every movie is supposed to be a comedy, but sometimes they forget to put the jokes in, or remove them intentionally. It is our mission to attempt the reintegration of humor into films where we feel it should have been. Occasionally, without warning, we will attempt to make you dance.

You can check out more of their stuff here.  In addition to this piece of Republican Primary brilliance, there are some really great Star Wars parodies and much more.

All we have to say in conclusion is: DARYL 2016!!!!

Take care, Froggies.