Before we begin, you should click the video up above and enjoy… thoroughly. Then, you should pause at the 6:42 mark and behold the awesome mind power of… Mr. Mysterio!

That’s right froggies, Drama 3/4 and Maker.TV’s latest episode of Crash Pad with Alison Haislip debuted the wonderfully …uh, mysterious… Mr. Mysterio. And just WHO plays Mr. Mysterio? Why, none other than our good pal Ric Barbera!

Ric is no stranger to many of us here at I See the Frog. He’s been in a number of projects such as The Anakin Auditions, Star Wars Episode VII Screen Tests and, most recently on the Frog, Bowling For Tiffany’s wonderful Christmas themed short The Truth About Santa. In the upcoming weeks, he will be seen in Drama 3/4 and Take Hollywood’s original series Chestnut Casting as Dorian ‘Chestnut’ Abernathy himself; casting director to the stars and friend of Billy Bulbar, acting teacher extraordinaire (who will also be getting his own series.)

With Mr. Mysterio landing on Crash Pad last week, we frogs want to plug an upcoming performance in Los Angeles where you (yes YOU!) can see him and some other friends of the frog up close and personal!

Friday, January 9th at Fubar off Santa Monica Blvd, you can catch Ric alongside frog regular Michael Cornacchia at Mikey and Teddy’s Comedy Hour where they’ll join an amazing roster of comedians performing their special brand of humor. Says the event:

Mikey Scott & Teddy Margas bring their hysterical banter (think Sonny & Cher meets Laurel & Hardy) to the stage along with some extremely funny comics.

Additional shows will run every Friday at 8pm as well. For those in Los Angeles and for more information on how to see Ric and Michael up close, click on the link HERE for all the pertinent information. Michael Cornacchia also hosts Cornacchia’s Comedy Corner, details on that are HERE. Then, hop back over here and enjoy some of the funny from Ric and Michael! You’ll be happy you did. (See if you can find the frog in Michael’s Anakin Audition – hint: It’s near his dick.)




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