Filmmaking in the digital age often means figuring things out for yourself. Want to make a YouTube video? YouTube it. There are hundreds of YouTube videos that will tell you how to shoot a YouTube video, edit a YouTube video and upload a YouTube video. But how about the stuff that’s harder than point-and-shoot? Until recently there has been a gap between what you can learn online and the actual skills required for “real filmmaking” (and by “gap” we’re talking something along the lines of “that really big canyon in Arizona”). There’s the stuff you can do at home, and then there’s the stuff that actually goes into a big budget real-life film shoot. And somewhere in between is a college degree that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and four years of your life. After all, if you could just learn an entire film school curriculum on the web, why go to film school?

If you’re lucky enough, or crafty enough, or have enough resources at your disposal to learn the film world without a film school education, there could certainly be a temptation to keep this hard-earned knowledge to yourself. Once you discover how to, say, effectively pull off a large scale explosion, or determine the logistics of (safely) flipping a moving school bus, it might seem beneficial to hold that hand close to your chest and enjoy your leg up on the competition. But not for the gang over at RocketJump. They love the filmmaking process and they want to share that creative passion with their viewers. Their wildly successful digital content includes behind-the-scenes videos where they share how their movie magic is made. In an effort to better educate young filmmakers, RocketJump Film School was born. And what better way to capture the ins and outs of the creative filmmaking process than with an eight-episode docs-series. RocketJump: The Show.

RocketJump: The Show – TEASER

RocketJump: The Show offers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of digital production. Each of the eight episodes focuses on a specific aspect of production leading up to the completion of a wicked cool original digital short.

“At its core, RocketJump is about making movies because you love them. Making movies with people you love working with, who inspire you and make you laugh, and challenge you to be better and try harder.” ~ Lauren Haroutunian, Dean of RocketJump Film School

Dean of the RJFS, Lauren Haroutunian, introduces the school as, simply, “a bunch of friends getting together and making movies.” While it has become so much more than that, the core simplicity of that statement is what makes the RocketJump team so delightfully endearing to watch. They’re in it together. They encounter obstacles and find ways around them. They create, they mess up, they get frustrated and overwhelmed and excited and inspired just like the rest of us. They have fun doing itWe dare you to watch this trailer without getting all the feels:

RocketJump: The Show – FINAL TRAILER

While there are plenty of successful YouTubers whose business model has nothing to do with The Art of Filmmaking, it (and the multitude of other digital platforms that have sprung up in its wake) also breeds young, hungry, creative minds who are willing to go the extra mile to make their stuff awesome. This attention to detail and desire to create is what set RocketJump co-founders Matt Arnold and Freddie Wong apart in the past. Their YouTube shorts and critically acclaimed web series, Video Game High School, earned them respect and recognition in the filmmaking community as well as a fiercely loyal fan-base of viewers and aspiring content creators.

In an exclusive interview with the Frog, Lauren Haroutunian shared her excitement about the premiere of RocketJump: The Show.


What I think is truly unique about RocketJump: The Show, is the straight forward look it gives into the exhausting and exhilarating collaborative process of actually creating something. Most people who are familiar with RocketJump already know the big face of the company, Freddie Wong– but RJ:TS expands its view to include the talented family and friends behind the scenes that have made RocketJump what it is today. It’s like watching all your best friends hanging out and making something they love, paired with an honest look at the reality and hardships of producing a film.

I’m extremely excited to see what our fans think of the new shorts. We got to experiment with new styles, techniques and stories… horse races, lightsaber duels, wire-work stunts, and even a silent film. We got to push ourselves creatively and pursue some filmmaking dreams of ours. (And fans of VGHS and other RocketJump shorts will see some familiar faces!) And if the documentary behind each short wasn’t enough, the RocketJump Film School delves into a technical aspect from each short on our channel every week, for free. We absolutely love sharing our passion for film, and we hope the viewers will get to experience that with us.

Check out RocketJump Film School’s videos for everything from How to Coil a Cable to Visual Effects Tutorials and more. And be sure to check out RocketJump: The Show on Hulu. **UPDATE: if you click on this link you can sign up for a FREE MONTH of Hulu for all your RocketJump needs!** (And keep an eye out for a cameo by Friend of the Frog Riley Rose Critchlow!)

Keep on creating, Froggies!