You know, being a pilot for The Goodyear Blimp comes with a lot of challenges. A) You need to be properly certified to pilot such a heavy piece of machinery. B) You get asked to do a lot of free promotion.

So says the new ESPN Spot that comes with a hearty dose of funny from Friend of the Frog, Jeff Wiens.

Wiens, co-creator and co-founder of the hilarious sketch team Franco & Billy, stars as the Goodyear Blimp pilot who is asked by some ESPN Anchors to cover their latest “big” softball team’s match with Bristol Mutual Savings… Not exactly the “big dance.”

And not exactly something the pilot wants any part of…

Wiens has recently worked with Drama 3/4 Productions and for the upcoming TH original series Chestnut Casting, a sister series to another TH original, The Bulbar Method (Wiens provides the voice-over for The History of the Bulbar Method which you can find HERE.). The Bulbar Method, along with Chestnut Casting will be coming soon exclusively from! For more info, check out the Frog’s coverage HERE.

In the meantime, enjoy this little treat with Jeff Wiens and ESPN, complete with a USC reference. Jeff and many other friends of the frog earned their stripes at the University of Southern California, so that last shot of a certain rival’s mascot made all the Trojans here smile.





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