SF SKETCHFEST kicked into full gear on January 22nd and some froggies were lucky enough to be a part of it all. Drama 3/4’s I Made You a Mix Tape hosted by Fickas and Beckham played to a packed house at Doc’s Lab.  Later on that night, JR De Guzman hosted Eli Braden’s headlining show which featured LA based comedy duo The Zach and The Jess! Their performance in particular won over our little frog hearts.

Zack Reino and Jessica McKenna really brought their A game despite being challenged by a few technical hiccups resulting in some hilarious bits that had the audience (and even the sound guy) wondering what was real and what was an act. They rolled with the punches and improvised their way through a great set that included written songs about penguins and improvised songs about Natalie Merchant. The former physicists’ comedy stylings were a delicious cocktail of classic Hard n Phirm nerd comedy intertwined with Broadway Theatre and some incredible freestyling reminiscent of friend of the frog Zach Selwyn. Good stuff!

Check out Don’t Put a Sweater on a Penguin (above) and Space is Big (below). I See The Frog is gonna keep an eye on these two for sure!

Enjoy, froggies!




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