It is time, faithful Froggies. Time to celebrate a monumental achievement. A notch in the record books is upon us and here at the Frog, we couldn’t be happier.

You see, back in January of 2015, we posted a fun little viral happening called Shotgun a Beer Everyday. Fearless adventurer Aaron Semmel ‘shotgunned a beer’ everyday on his Instagram Account, documenting the experience and the funky places in which he would perform the feat. The whole thing went viral, as mentioned, and many, many sites and outlets covered Semmel’s journey.

It was always his intention to finish a beer, everyday, for 365 days in total. And now, he is one day away from completing his goal – as outlined here (via Punch Drink) in a story from January of this year:

Though he’s still got quite a ways to go before June 19, 2015, Semmel is set on what he wants to do for his grand finale: shotgun before a studio audience on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The enthusiastic thumbs up he offers after every successful run, he says, was inspired by an identical gesture Kimmel used as the kicker for his infamous “twerk fail” experiment.

See here his most recent post with a special message:

You see, with that special request of tagging Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel Live on his respective Instagram accounts, the movement has taken hold. For we are happy to report that, as of now, Semmel is scheduled to shotgun his final bear LIVE on Jimmy Kimmel’s show!

It worked!

We here at the Frog want to make sure this goes off without a hitch. So we want you to hit Jimmy up on Instagram and on Twitter (for good measure) telling him how excited you are to see Aaron complete his goal on live television! After all, isn’t that what America is all about?

And here for your viewing pleasure, is just some of the Instagram vids we pulled to illustrate our point; filled with fighter jets, puppies  and Kevin Costner no less:

Set those DVR’s so you won’t miss Aaron’s appearance! And please, share with all your friends so there’s a huge, cheering crowd of supporters nationwide!

And Aaron? We wish you luck on Kimmel and congratulate you on your monumental achievement. Dream big, dream often and never give up. That’s the lesson here, Froggies.