In the world of comic-book-to-movie adaptations, the biggest story (arguably) ever is Marvel’s reacquisition of their beloved Spider-Man character from Sony Pictures. With plans of inserting Spidey into their billion dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War (filming now), fans everywhere were THRILLED to learn Marvel was helping bring a new version of the web-head to the screen.

After Marvel and Sony kissed and made up, news dropped practically every day about the number one rumor of all – which actor will take over for Andrew Garfield after the atrocious Amazing Spider-Man 2?  Now that Tom Holland has snagged the coveted role, the next bit of news EVERYONE wants to know is: Will Spidey be wearing pants in the next trilogy of movies?

The Frog reached out for comment from Marvel and, as of this posting, has received no comment. However, we were blocked by producer Kevin Feige’s Twitter, so we can only assume Spidey and his Spidey-Pants were being discussed internally. Because of this, it is safe to say that Spidey WILL have his pants on in next years Captain America: Civil War and in the foreseeable future.

But that doesn’t change the brilliance of Brice Beckham’s No-Pants Spidey run on his Facebook page.

NoPantsSpidey9Yes, you heard us correctly (and your eyes are not deceiving you); ‘No-Pants Spidey’ is actually a thing and a damn funny thing at that. Because, as Brice and his genius suppose, of all the superheroes out there fighting crime, Spidey is the one who doesn’t really need knickers. Right?


Our question here at the Frog (and one that Marvel should be seriously considering as well): do ‘no pants’ on a superhero equal a ‘freeing’ experience for the do-gooder to fight crime more effectively? The answer? Most definitely, yes.


For starters, Spidey is free from the taxing costumed constraints he finds in his day-to-day hero work of climbing walls and swinging through the city. We also believe it will come in handy when he fights his rogue’s gallery of arch-nemeses.




As you can see, Doctor Octopus, Venom and Sandman — three of Spider-Man’s most lethal enemies — are no match for his amazing abilities when combined with a pants-less kick to the face. The art of distraction is a common technique Spidey utilizes to get the better of his enemies. And with no pants? This just presents an extra degree of difficulty for his foes.

Going commando in the Marvel U also offers up a chance for the Young Avenger to stand out from the rest of the more adult Avengers.

Thor wields a huge hammer with ease while wearing the colors of Asgard. Captain America has a warrior’s uniform of red, white and blue, plus a shield that complements the look. Tony Stark is a technical genius and shows it with his robotic suit of iron. And the Hulk (almost pants-less), shows character through a minimalistic outfit appropriate to the green rage monster inside.

With Spidey, a casual approach to normal superhero attire (no pants) shows the playfulness of his age AND how relaxed crime fighting can be.



As for who will be the love interest, our money is on stalwart soul mate Mary Jane Watson returning to the series after being excised from Sony’s previous two Amazing Spider-Man entries. And with No-Pants Spidey, this love story will have more legitimate hurdles to overcome. It’s tough enough to lead a double life as a teenage superhero and juggle date night when duty calls. But that’s nothing to the strain on a relationship when one person opts out of pants.


Adding tension is important to any story, and raising the stakes of a well-known superhero (by portraying him without pants) gets us excited. With no pants on, Spidey will have to think of other ways to woo his love and will most definitely have to improvise. This could include last minute wardrobe changes of jeans, slacks or even board shorts to impress Mary Jane. (There’s still time, Marvel; just think of the merchandising!)

Are you convinced (as we are) that this is the perfect incarnation of everyone’s favorite web-slinger? Now you too can get in on the action! We here at the Frog want to see your ‘No-Pants’ version of Spidey. By clicking THIS LINK, you will be able to download some coloring pages of your own to print, color and share! Once you finish your free-balling masterpieces, fire off some images to our Twitter and we’ll share them all over the web! Perhaps together, our collective voice will change Marvel’s mind and cinematic history, finally bringing to the screen the Spider-Man we’ve all been waiting for… the one with no pants.