Okay, this is awesome.

It was recently announced that in support of the upcoming Van Halen live album the boys from Pasadena will be making their first live television appearance since their disastrous onstage awkwardness at the 1996 MTV Music Awards. Do you remember?

This, of course, went down as the biggest reunion tease of all time even though two original David Lee Roth tracks squeaked out of that mega-mess. It took another 10 years before they put their junior high bullshit to bed and actually reunited, although without original bass player Michael Anthony. We just can’t win!!! But in light of VH announcing a NATIONAL TOUR, we really can’t complain too much.

The revival begins with a performance on Hollywood Blvd as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, March 30th. It will be broadcast over two nights, March 30th & 31st, and if you’re like most people who don’t watch TV on TV anymore, you can check it out HERE. Or if you think TV is officially dead and prefer the streaming game, head on over to Jimmy’s YouTube Channel HERE. They will also appear on the Ellen Show on April 2nd to promo their North American Tour (Yes. YES.) The tour officially begins on July 5th in Seattle, WA (Ugh, Washington is so luckyyyyy) and ends at the Hollywood Bowl on October 2nd.

Tickets go on sale April 4th. Check out Van Halen’s official site for more details!

While looking up details for the new album on the Van Halen news desk, we found a little diamond Dave in the rough, STATE ROOM. This duo from Nashville cranked out a kick-ass version of VH’s classic “Mean Streets.” It’s awesome and The Frog approves.

And the shower atmosphere reminded us the time the amazing Brice Beckham and David Fickas were flirting with the idea of doing a musical version of the Exorcist…

Rock on, Froggies!




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