His name is Pitts… Scott Pitts!

If you have been seeing frogs lately, than you know that Leonora Pitts made an appearance on HBO’s “Togetherness” last Sunday.  (Nice work Leonora!!)  Well it looks like she isn’t the only Pitts to be working with the Duplass Brothers these days.  You can catch his appearance this week.  And if you are a Duplass fan, you have already seen them in the Katie Aselton directorial debut The Freebie.  (The Frog recommends!)

So in honor of PittsyPooMamaChaquitaBananaFahitaPitaBonitaTacoLita (an actual nickname of his, along with Swippy Caniperas), the Frog dug up this closing number from Another Showcase Showdown (A.S.S.) circa 08′ that pays tribute to the great Scott Pitts.  Also featured in this sketch is Duplass Alumn Mark Kelly who starred in the independent gem The Do Deca Pentathlon. (The Frog recommends!)  And if you like this one, maybe we will dig up the time Katie Aselton made her A.S.S. appearance as a burn victim in a teen pageant.  That was a good one!

Enjoy froggies!!




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