A long time ago, in a casting office down the street…

It was the late 90’s… like the last two weeks of the 90’s…  and the word viral was not associated with good things.  VHS tapes like the South Park Christmas Special and The Blair Witch Project were being passed around the industry.  The early stages of production company Drama 3/4’s adventure into sketch comedy were just beginning and it all kicked off with THE ANAKIN AUDITIONS.

Phantom Menace was already out and the casting for young Anakin Skywalker had begun.  There were audition tapes for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo that Star Wars fans were just getting to see because of the whole “internet thing.”  Drama 3/4 decided to jump right in and put together their own mock audition tape for what was arguably the biggest casting decision in the last 30 years.

So D34 shot this!   And then they sent 300 VHS copies with a letter from intern Terry Linderman to all stretches of the industry. And it worked…

Kind of.

With a fake casting office phone number all set up, the messages starting pouring in and the parody was starting to spread like a virus.  A website dedicated to the short was launched so they could connect to a wider Star Wars fan base.  Chris Gore from Film Threat picked up the story and blasted it through all the dial up connections throughout  the galaxy.

Later the short was picked up by such sites as iFilm and Atom Films.  In the end, it was all worth it because it was the beginning of many successful working relationships.  The troupe at Drama 3/4 went on to form A.S.S. (Another Showcase Showdown) a sketch variety show that ran in Hollywood for the next 10 years creating oodles and oodles of content that may (or may not) find it’s way onto the Frog. Who knows, maybe you will even get a glimpse of their PEARL HARBOR auditions?

SIDENOTE: Weeks after D34 shot this vid, Fickas got a phone call from a mutual friend that went like this.  “Remember that kid that played poker with us a few times?”  “yeah, Tove’s little brother?”  “Yeah… well… he’s Darth Vadar.”   Fickas then tried to do a quick reshoot and have Hayden deliver a pizza to the GKB Casting Unlimited office.  Apparently that wasn’t very respectful to his new contract with Lucasfilm.

Also, can you find the Frog in this vid?  Tweet it out and you may get a little Froggy present!!!  #iseethefrog





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