We’re all about those podcasts here at the Frog because who even has time for radio anymore, am I right?! In honor of Throwback Thursday, we’d like to introduce you to “Welcome to DeadCast,” a podcast that chronicles each and every one of R.L Stine’s classic children’s horror novella series and 1990s cultural phenomenon: Goosebumps.



Welcome to DeadCast” – titled in honor of Stine’s first book, “Welcome to Dead House” – begins with book one and goes through each volume and corresponding TV episode one-by-one, in harrowing and hilarious detail. DeadCast is produced by the hysterical and brilliant Terror Twins (and friends of the Frog!) Daniel Montgomery  and Matthew Scott Montgomery. If you haven’t heard of these boys before, all we can say is GET READY.

Daniel is one of the fine young minds behind the sketch comedy channel BFT Comedy and half of the comedy duo “Mary-Kate and Ashtray,” along with another friend of the Frog, Riley Rose Critchlow. If you can’t get enough of “Welcome to DeadCast’s” sweet 90s nostalgia, you should definitely also check out BFT’s parody series, “Aren’t You Afraid of the Dark?” Episode one stars Daniel, Riley, Kyle Wallace, and Savannah Southern-Smith (who also appears in the upcoming Chestnut Casting!



Matthew Scott shows up on BFT’s channel from time to time as well, but is best known for appearing on Disney Channel’s musical sketch-comedy series, So Random!  Over the past 18 months Matthew Scott has also produced and performed a series of original plays around Los Angeles that feel like they could have come straight out of R.L. Stine’s files with titles like “Spook Night,” “Dead of July,” and “Dead of Winter.” 



“Welcome to DeadCast” welcomes their first guest star, True Blood and Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll, in next week’s episode AND they have a LIVE taping coming up on April 18th in case you prefer your podcasts face-to-face! The taping will be at The Let Live Theatre (916a N. Formosa Ave, Los Angeles CA 90046) on April 18th at 7pm. Tickets are $10 cash only, first come, first served. And in the meantime, check out “Welcome to DeadCast” here!

(Photo credit for Mary-Kate and Ashtray, Spook Night, and Dead of Winter posters, as well as photos of Daniel and Matthew in Welcome to DeadCast’s logo: Ricky Middlesworth)




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