The world could hardly prepare for David Letterman’s last week on the air; a painful reality that has been cushioned with some amazing moments on the Late Show. So many highlights have graced the internet already. We at the Frog recognize that it is our duty to share as many of them possible as a way for all of us to say goodbye.

One such moment is the stand-up set from Norm Macdonald that included an incredible tribute to Mr. Letterman and all that he has done for comedy and late night.

Another notable moment is Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder killing it with his performance of “Better Man” with the Paul Shaffer band. Dave mentioned that Eddie had been performing on the show since 1996  and in a nice surprise he joined the Paul Shaffer band for the first time in a long time to say goodbye. This just goes to show the kind of late night antics we will truly miss.

And if we are talking about incredible surprise performances on late night television, we have to highlight one of the greatest moments (if not THE greatest) in Letterman’s history – that is of course, Andy Kaufman vs Jerry Lawler.

Andy’s theatrics hit an all time high with this performance, which wasn’t truly outed as a prank until 1999 in Milos Forman’s “Man on the Moon.”

All this finally leading up to the monumental event that happened last night…

The final show.

Of course, there was the Foo Fighters playing over a montage of some of Dave’s best moments…

…Without a dry eye in the house. And then there was this:

The party would not (could not!) stop, even for Bill Murray who taped a segment on the Lawrence O’ Donnell Show after his appearance on Dave’s second to last show. Too much revelry is a sign of a hard goodbye (we can’t blame you Bill).

But don’t fret! Mr. Murray came back for the final hurrah, partaking in the last Top Ten List EVER!

As you can see by his long and distinguished list of friends, Dave inspired many, many people. Including one Jimmy Kimmel, who had a special tribute of his own.

Jimmy Kimmel is a class act who perfectly sums up the impact Dave had on people, professionally and personally.

David Letterman’s legacy will live on of course, but no one else will be able to match his wit, his style and his dry sense of humor.

The world will always remember you, Dave. Like everyone out there on the internet and social media and next to the water cooler, and in the millions of homes across the United States, we at the Frog share the same sentiment. You will be missed. And you can never be replaced.

From all of us at I See the Frog…

Thanks, Dave.