Coming soon!  A 6 part web series based around legendary acting coach Billy Bulbar.  Friends of the Frog over at TAKE HOLLYWOOD wanted more Billy and even some time with Billy’s good friend and casting director Dorian “Chestnut” Abernathy.  So TH ordered up some fresh hot brand new Bulbar.  Featuring David Fickas as Billy Bulbar and Ric Barbera as Chestnut as well as (Jeff Wiens, Liam Sullivan, Christine LakinLeonora Pitts  and many more), the upcoming web series will take you deep into the underbelly of Billy’s acting class.  Based on the live show that has haunted LA theaters over the years.

This historical retrospective of Bulbar’s past chronicles how he got to where he is today.  It now serves as a prequel to the 2 web series that will be featured on TAKE HOLLYWOOD and here on the Frog!   



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