There are few people in this business that can strike a comfortable balance while donning multiple hats on film. Some of the more popular multi-taskers that come to mind are Ben Affleck (writing/directing/acting), John Ottman (composing/editing) and of course, Woody Allen (writing/directing/acting).

And then there is Tom Hammock; dear friend of the Frog and someone we hold in the highest esteem; (obviously since we just mentioned him in the same breath as Ben Affleck).

Mr. Hammock has been a fixture on the Frog’s co-founders (Drama 3/4 Productions) crew as a very talented production designer. Projects such as Mr. Robinson’s Driving SchoolSuitemates and The Iceman Chronicles.

So let’s now add one more title to the guy: Director.

Thanks to the beauty of social media, the Frog stumbled across a number of articles touting the release of his directorial debut: The Last Survivors.

The movie’s trailer (below) was enough for us to stop everything, long enough, to spotlight the movie right here and now (while watching the trailer four more times in a row).

So stop everything, hit play and you’re welcome.

Now hop on over to the movie’s official website and grab yourself a download via Apple, Amazon, even X-Box. Then, keep some tabs on Tom Hammock himself… Tell him the Frog sent you.

Also, pay attention all you resident Californians – conserve your water! The Last Survivors is your first warning.  (Well, first if you turn off the radio every time one of those annoying Steve Carell ads come on.)