Salutations, readers of the Frog! We are here again to share another jam packed episode of The Night Is Dark A Game of Thrones Podcast! Ken Napzok takes his leave on an epic adventure this week (he will fill you in on his social media front) but fret not! Maude Garrett, Tiffany Smith and returning guest co-host Michele Boyd keep the wheels turning (or the pod… broadcasting).

Episode 7 discusses the latest Games of Thrones, titled “The Gift.”

(Warning: herein be spoilers! Go watch Game of Thrones first! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

As the fifth season of Game of Thrones continues to delight and amaze, what stands out the most with this aptly titled episode is the first encounter by two MAJOR characters in the Game of Thrones (television) mythology! (Hint, two characters that have yet to meet in the George R.R. Martin books); and with that meeting, fans everywhere cheered with their approval!

It is not lost on our hosts when discussing said news as any deviation from the source material can madden even the most casual of fans. But it seems, for now, all is right in the world of GOT and your hosts here prove it.

So jump on in and enjoy The Night is Dark with your guides Tiffany, Maude and Michele!

And with a special treat: here’s Tiffany Smith’s BONUS VIDEO about the sweet moments in Game of Thrones, described here:

Game of Thrones is not really known for its sweet moments that warm the heart. But, that makes the good ones stand out even more! Here are some of our favorite surprisingly sweet moments from Game of Thrones.

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