Well, Froggies, if you haven’t already, log in to your HBO Go account (or the one belonging to your friend/Mom/neighbor/random stranger – we don’t judge) and watch the most epic hour of television of ALL TIME.  (Hyperbole? Would the most amazing website of all time be hyperbolic?)  (Never.)

We’re talking about the 8th episode of this season’s Game of Thrones entitled “Hardhome”.  Once you’ve seen that, smoked a cigarette and taken a shot of Everclear to recover, we give you permission to view this week’s Game of Thrones podcast, The Night Is Dark. But make sure you view the episode first, as many spoilers lie therein. This time, your favorite Watchers at the Wall, Maude Garrett, Ken Napzok, and Tiffany Smith discuss the benefits of killing children and the negatives of being Jon Snow’s latest FLI.  Also, make sure to check out BOTH parts of the episode, as this was one that was too big for one little video.

Part 1:

Part 2:

At the VERY least, fast forward to minute 37 of part one and witness a surprise visit from The Lord of Light.  Apparently, he is not a big fan of The Night Is Dark and decided to pay a visit and try to end the gang’s watch a little bit early.  Ken makes sure the beer is safe while Maude decides the best way to put out a fire is by throwing a box of matches on it.  Luckily, Tiffany saves the day.

Send us your best wishes that The Lord of Light doesn’t get this little Frog just for posting this. And as always, subscribe to the awesome outputs from Maude’s GeekBomb to Ken’s The Napzok Files all the way to Tiffany’s exclusive interviews with Fandango and Geek Nation! And stayed tuned for further episodes of The Night Is Dark!