Oh dear, oh dear. And oh, my lovely Froggies; we’re sure you’re still feeling somewhat hungover after watching the season 5 finale of Game of Thrones. Hungover as in shocked. Shocked as in angry. Angry as in sad. With all these ridiculous emotions coursing through your veins, it’s a good thing The Night is Dark Podcast is here to help level your self esteem.

For the season finale titled ‘Mother’s Mercy’ was a doozy to be sure.

Your Watchers at the Wall, all four of them, came out to discuss and dissect the last episode of Game of Thrones. Ken Napzok, Tiffany Smith, Maude Garrett and Michel Boyd get right to it, laying all their theories (and gripes) for your listening/viewing pleasure. And does it have to be mentioned, if you have the final episode cued up at home on your DVR, turn back now. For there are spoilers ahead!

You have been warned!

What an amazing ride to be sure. We know you will be anxiously waiting for the return of Game of Thrones next year (too long, we know).

To help with your GoT withdrawals, check out Tiffany Smith’s bonus video that compliments The Night is Dark… And Full of Terrors! This episode is titled: Life and Death in Game of Thrones.

How fitting.

So stay tuned to the Frog for content geared to please your face. And send some love to Maude, Tiffany, Michele and Ken by checking out GeekBomb, The Napzok Files, Michele Boyd and Tiffany’s exclusive interviews with Fandango and Geek Nation!

See you soon, froggies.