DRAMA 3/4 and MAKER TV are at it again! Coming in hot, the second episode of their original series drops… And this time, Bart Baker and Shane Dawson are going to get lucky. At least that’s what MAKER TV is saying. They’re also saying something about hands:

“In this episode of CrashPad, Shane Dawson and Bart Baker get a little handsy!”

The Frogs here can only assume it’s something special. Here’s the host of the show, Bart Baker, with his own description of what to expect.

“Special thanks to this episode’s guest, Shane Dawson! Come hang out with me as we watch epic fails and play crazy games like Visitor’s Choice, Fill in the Bleep and more! CHECK OUT THE FULL EPISODE ON MAKER.TV”

What Bart said. Be sure to check back here, Froggies, for news on all things #CrashPad and #ISeeTheFrog. We’ll keep you updated on all the things that make a Frog smile.

Frog it up.







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