If you watched the Primetime Emmys last night, you were witness to Tracy Morgan’s return to television.  If you missed it, you can click HERE and see it.  Tracy Morgan made his return in true Tracy style, mixing heart and genuine feeling with a healthy dose of impregnation to go along with it.  To celebrate Tracy’s return to good health, we’ve chosen his gold record hit (at least in the 30 Rock-verse), “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” as this week’s Music Video Monday (#MVM).


What started as a throwaway joke in an October 2007 episode of 30 Rock entitled “Jack Gets in the Game” turned into an internet sensation for Tracy.  Memes appeared.  T-shirts became available. It even spawned covers like THIS and THIS. And soon costumes started popping up like this:

Tracy Morgan Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

And this:


All this internet attention prompted Tracy to record a full version of the song.  The full version (with Tracy singing it alongside Donald Glover) was released on the 30 Rock Original Television Soundtrack in November of 2010.  Although there was no official music video released to accompany the song, here’s the full version of the song with visuals created by TJ Dembski:

We’re really glad that Tracy seems to be doing better and we’re looking forward to his return to Saturday Night Live on October 17th.

Try not to get too many of our Froggies pregnant in the meantime, Tracy.