Hello Froggies and Trojans alike! By now we hope you’re aware of the USC Outsider Podcast, hosted by Friends of the Frog Ric Barbera and Scott Pitts. This delightful pod covers everything USC football related, plus some bonus news of the non-football variety. For your listening pleasure and ancillary delight we have compiled related links and stories that came up during the USC Outsider’s last episode. Keep an eye out for new episodes of the Outsider every Thursday night and CLICK HERE to watch tonight’s broadcast live! And subscribe to the Frog for additional content and updates to the Outsider Companion playlist!

If you haven’t caught up on Season 7, Episode 2 – what are you waiting for! – and if you HAVE, well, here’s what the buzz is all about:

USC Outsider Presents: Kiffin’s Krimson Korner from Tosh.0

USC Outsider Presents: 30 for 30’s: The High Five

USC Outsider Presents: Stark Sands on Minority Report

Be sure to tune in every Thursday (including TONIGHT!) and check back to iseethefrog.com after the show for more extras. Thanks for listening, Froggies! And we’ll see you on Saturday for another big win.  Fight on!