by Ric Barbera

Hello Frog Fans!  If you like college football, autumn, good drinks and pop culture feel free to tune in every week (for the next 12 weeks) to the USC Outsider Podcast.  Yes, this podcast does skew toward the USC Trojan Football Team.  The sanctions are over, the coach is a maladjusted drunk, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  This will be the seventh year that Ric Barbera and Scott Pitts take around thirty minutes a week to record their break down of the upcoming game and cast of characters behind the scenes. Season 7 premieres this Thursday, September 3rd at 8pm!

USC Outsider

This year there will be video along with audio and the show will be much more live than in the past!

Since I (Ric Barbera) am one-half of the hosting team, I will now ask my other host (Scott Pitts) why he thinks you should listen and watch the USC Outsider Podcast:


Hi Scott, why do our listeners actually learn more about USC Football from our podcast?
Thanks Ric, I thought you’d never ask. Here at the USC Outsider, we don’t overthink it. We say what everyone else is thinking but won’t say on the radio or in the papers. We are like the Donald Trumps of college football except we have better hair, don’t lie, and are not giant douche bags. Actually we are not like Donald Trump in any way.

What makes our podcast juicier than those owned by the Mouse or other sports conglomerates?
Swearing, Cocktails, and major amounts of bias skewed towards the Trojans. Those other shows usually lump the bias against the Trojans.

Will there be call ins and special guests this year?
The magic 8 ball says YES!!!!!! We will have many more guests and special reports this season.

Will there be candid language?
As per usual and then some. I think the amount of stuff to talk about this year warrants it.

What do you think will be the game of the year?
Well, as always, it’s ucla or The Domers. Those games may not be the best games competition wise but they always have plenty of emotion and a lot on the line. This year, the ucla game has a lot riding on it. 4 years in a row does not fly for USC fans, alumni, and supporters.

What’s gonna happen in Syria?
Dance parties. Lots and lots of dance parties.

How can folks hear and see us on the webs?
On our websiteon Twitter and on our Facebook page.

Thanks, Scott Pitts! 


Give us a listen beginning this Thursday night, September 3rd at 8PM. And check us out on iTunes!

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